Police to Compensate Family of 16-year-old Shot Dead by Rogue Cop

Some of the police officers attending the sendoff of 16 year old, Nelson Waako, who was shot dead on Saturday night.

Police in Kiira region on Monday agreed to compensate the family of 16-year-old Nelson Waako who was shot dead by Corporal James Musandiizi on Saturday night. 

It is reported that Waako and his friend, Ashiraf Binywela, both residents of Mutai village in Buwenge sub county, in Jinja district, developed a misunderstanding over a radio set and they started fighting each other. 

Their fight attracted several neighbourhood youth who out of idleness started cheering and chanting "moral boosting" songs to fuel the duel of their two friends. Because it was already dark, the adults in the neighbourhood were not amused, and they alerted the police they would come and disperse youth.

But everyone's surprise, when Corporal Musandiizi arrived on the scene, he just cocked his submachinegun and shot Waako at very close range in the head, killing him instantly.The shot also injured Binywela seriously and he was rushed Jinja Regional Referral Hospital where he is fighting for his life.

Musandiizi fled from the scene of crime,  however he was later arrested and is being detained at Nalufenya police station awaiting prosecution.

While addressing mourners during the funeral of Waako in Mutai village on Monday evening, Kiira police region’s human resource officer, Andrew Muzira says that much as they will ensure justice for the deceased, efforts of compensating the bereaved family with a moderate sum of money as a way of expressing their remorse over Musandiizi’s actions are underway.

“We bought the coffin and also participated in all the preparation processes to ensure that, the deceased has a descent sendoff however, our regional police commander is in touch with the police leadership, to ensure that the affected family is compensated as we quicken up the processes of prosecuting the suspect,” he says. 

Muzira who declined to disclose the amount of money for compensation says that, they have already alerted the family and negotiations are still underway.

Muzira adds that police authorities are also committed towards paying off all the medical bills, incurred by Binywela's who is still admitted.

However, Waako’s father, Isooba Nabugere stresses that, his family will only have peace when responsible authorities quicken the process of prosecuting Musandiizi.

“My humble prayer is that these promises do not end in lip service but, rather foster the efforts of prosecuting Musandiizi, as it will give me and my entire family, a long term peace of mind after the loss of our dear son,” he says.