Police To Publish List Of 10,000 Express Penalty Scheme Defaulters

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Police in Kampala plan to publish a list of 10,000 of the express penalty scheme (EPS) defaulters.

The Express Penalty Scheme popularly known as the ion spot finei was introduced by the works Ministry in 2002 under the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998.

The scheme requires that a person that commits a minor traffic offence is not taken to court but is fined.

The Assistant Police Spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, says that vehicle owners who fail to pay their outstanding dues to URA within two weeks will have their vehicles impounded and the drivers prosecuted.

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Some of the noticeable defaulters have not complied since 2004 when the scheme was first introduced.

Parliament recently allowed the Uganda Police Force to buy four-vehicle number recognition system to net defaulters without inconveniencing other road users.

To net the defaulters police feed number plates of offending cars into a laptop fitted with a camera, which alert the operator with a beep on recognizing an offending car.