Power Connection Stalls in Masafu Sub County As Workers Protest Delayed Payment

On Tuesday, more than 20 casual labourers laid down tools demanding salary for the last two months.
Some of the casual laborers protesting

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Power connection has stalled in Masafu Sub County, Busia district after workers of Multi-Challenge Electrical Company protested over delayed payment of their salaries.

The company was contracted by the Rural Electrification Agency-REA of Uganda to connect power in the area. 

On Tuesday, more than 20 casual laborers laid down tools demanding salary for the last two months.

Nantalo Madinah, Eriya Young, Michael Mulopa among other casual laborers say that they have been digging electricity pole pits, loading and offloading the poles on trucks, erecting the poles, and connecting electricity wires among others but they are yet to receive their payment.


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Isaac Mubinze, the Director Multi-Challenge says that it takes a long process to access the money due to the long process of sending the payment invoices to their bosses in China.

He says that power connection will be halted until the concerns being raised by the casual laborers are addressed.

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All the workers who were connecting the power lines in Masafu sub-county were transported back to the company’s head office in Jinja District to address their concerns.

Moses Oundo, Sande Wabwire, among other residents in Masafu sub-county says that the decision to halt the process has slowed the electricity connections in the area.


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