President Museveni Advises People in Rwenzori To 'Wake - Up'

Museveni says it’s unfortunate that in region full of potentials ranging from the good climate to fertile soils the people there continue to wade in poverty and unemployment.
01 Feb 2020 12:12
President Museveni challenges farmers to advance thier agronomic practices

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has called upon the people of Rwenzori Region and Uganda in general to “wake up” and put themselves out of poverty by engaging in diverse economic activities.

Museveni says it’s unfortunate that in a region full of potential ranging from the good climate to fertile soils the people there continue to wade in poverty and unemployment.

Speaking during the end of the 2 days Rwenzori Investment Expo 2020 at Mountains of the Moon University in Fort Portal on Friday, Museveni gave a passionate call to locals in Rwenzori, urging them to become the driving force behind development in the region and the country.

The President also challenged the locals to engage in a money economy that suits modern-day life styles saying the problem in Africa has been sleeping, malnourished thinking and being stuck in the rudimentary ways while the rest of the world is advancing. 

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Cue out: …not fully using it.”//  

Museveni also called for improved agriculture through embracing new farming models. However, the President said he was impressed with some people of Rwenzori who are steadily waking up, focused in development.

President Museveni also challenges politicians notably on the opposition side to stop from only trading in politics but start engaging Ugandans in development agenda.   

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Godfrey Dembe, a farmer from Kasese who was part of exhibitors however calls on government to support farmer groups more efficiently through mechanization if they’re to advance.

Moses Simon Kaheru, another farmer called for cooperation between local governments and the farmers to understand their needs and include them in planning processes for lower governments.

Nyakana Richard, a farmer in Kabarole District observed the need for extension services that will educate farmers on effective use of land and reduction of overhead costs of production.   

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Cue out:…trainings to these farmers.” //

In response Museveni pledged to support local small scale entrepreneurs in the region so that they can increase on their production capacities and varieties.  

//Cue in: “The sources of wealth…  

Cue out: …an industrial revolution.”//  

The president at the same function officially signed the presidential initiative on agro-industrialization for local economic development (AGRILED) project for the Rwenzori Region. 

The initiative is aimed at supporting the local governments to facilitate effective business oriented development.

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