President Museveni Directs KCC TO Return Disabled Traders Land

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President Yoweri Museveni has directed Kampala City Council (KCC), to return a plot of land belonging to disabled traders in Kampala.
The traders were originally operating from a piece of land located outside the Old Taxi Park until they were evicted by Kampala City Council.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that KCC later allocated the piece of land to a Kampala businessman. Kampala Town Clerk Ruth Kijjambu declined to comment on the reports but confirmed that the President had directed Council to return the said property to the disabled traders group.
The president directive is contained in a letter dated February 16th 2007. In the letter the President directs KCC to process a land title in the names of the original owners, Kampala Business Traders Association under their business name Kampala Disabled Traders Association.
The 360 member Association plans to put up a Shopping Arcade for people with disabilities.
A group of disabled persons camped at the Town Clerks Office this morning demanding to meet the town clerk over the matter.
The Town Clerk says KCC will return the said property to the disabled traders within a period of one month.
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The disabled traders are however concerned about the internal wrangling within their organization. The group's spokesperson, Ssali Abdullah Latif, accuses Members of Parliament for people with disabilities of attempting to sideline them over the contentious property.
Abdullah Latif says the Town Clerk has written to the Permanent Secretary in the Local Government Ministry to look into the matter.
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