Pro-Age Limit Removal Demo Extends to Kabale

Hundreds of National Resistance Movement-NRM party supporters in Kabale District have staged another demonstration in support of the proposed removal of the presidential age limit.
NRM supporters hold demonstration in Kabale town to support removal of presidential age limit.

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Hundreds of National Resistance Movement-NRM party supporters in Kabale District have staged another demonstration in support of the proposed removal of the presidential age limit.


Supporters today carried placards with some of them bearing words like; Kick Age Limit out of the Constitution (KALOC) , Below 35 years for Presidency Above 75 years for Presidency, and Kabale Taxi drivers support lifting of the Presidential Age limit among others.


They were led by Edison Turyahabwa, the NRM party publicity secretary for Kabale district and Sheikh Kassim Kamugisha the Kabale district NRM youth League Chairperson. The demonstrators matched from Kabale police barracks playground through Kabale Main Street up to Kisoro Taxi Park at ESSO and converged in front of NRM offices.


They claimed that Article 102 (b) of the Constitution which sets the presidential age limit between 35 and 75 years is unfair, discriminative and must be amended. The NRM party supporters also handed a petition to Pauline Bigyirwa, the Kabale District NRM vice chairperson and told her to forward it to President Yoweri Museveni demanding for the removal of age limit.


Sheikh Kassim Kamugisha says that Article 102(b) is discriminative to Ugandans that are above the age of 75 who still have potential to lead the country. Kamugisha says that this is the time for all legislators to quickly act and amend the article.


//Cue in: "Our campaign has…

Cue out: …not tomorrow."//



//Cue in: "Erizooba twasharamu kugyira…

Cue out: …eyimuragyira ki eyimurenda."//


President Museveni turns 75 in 2019, two years before the next general elections scheduled for 2021.


Ronald Hakizimana Bifabusha, from Lower Bugongi in Northern Division, Kabale Municipality, says that he supports the removal of age limits to give way for President Museveni to stand again because he has played a big role towards the development of the country.


//Cue in: "In leadership most…

Cue out: …its ok."//



//Cue in: "Mbweenu abanya kabale…

Cue out: …movement oye."//


Emmanuel Niwagaba, from Northern Division in Kabale Municipality, says that the age limit must be removed because limiting people who are above the age of 75 gives the country a bad image.


//Cue in: "It is a…

Cue out: …the country."//



//Cue in: "Constitution erasosora abantu…

Cue out: …mwebare kukyanga."//


However, Erisa Twinmomujuni, a 70-year-old Local council one official for Keishamunyoro Cell in Kitumba sub county, says that they were deceived by the NRM local leaders to converge in Kabale town for a discussion about development issues.


Twinomujuni however says that he was dismayed when they were given placards supporting the removal of age limits and were later told to march through Kabale town.


//Cue in: "I was invited."//

Cue out: …like that."//



//Cue in: "Batwesire ngu heine…

Cue out: …ground yakyo."//


Bigyirwa promised to forward their petition to the office of the Kabale district party chairperson, on.


Demonstrators were later seen lining up and being served a bottle of soda each and five thousand shillings.


This is not the first time NRM supporters across the country have staged a demonstration in support of removing the presidential age limit from the constitution. On Saturday, NRM supporters in Lango held a similar demo demanding that the Presidential Age Limit be lifted to give room to all Ugandans who aspire to become president to compete for the position without any limitations and prejudice.


Last month, another group mainly from Lira town held a similar peaceful demonstration. 

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