Prodigal Son; Former MP Robert Centenary Returns to FDC after Bitter Fallout

The FDC boss said that after reviewing the submission of the former MP, they found out that he was neglected from key party positions despite his seniority and contribution to the party and this had frustrated him.
FDC party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi says the party remains the larges opposition force across the country and they are working towards unifying all its members

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The Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi has apologized to former Kasese Municipality MP Robert Centenary for his suspension.

The disagreement between the former MP and the FDC party began in 2019 when the District Party Chairperson Saulo Matte suspended him and three other MPs;  Atkins Katusabe of Bukonzo West, Jackson Mbaju Kathika from Busongora South and Winfred Kiiza, then the Kasese woman MP. He accused them of shunning party meetings.

Centenary did not participate in the FDC party primaries after this but opted to contest as an independent candidate contrary to the party’s constitution. To many, he had sensed an orchestrated plan by the district party leadership to frustrate his campaign in favour of Sanyu Gedeon Ntabose who contested for the same seat as the FDC candidate. However, the Centenary lost the seat to NRM’s Ferigo Kambale.

During a meeting with Kasese District FDC party members on Thursday evening, Amuriat said the party parted ways with the former legislator on three grounds; unclear statements made against FDC when Gen. Mugisa Muntu left the party, his failure to remit monthly contributions and the decision to contest as an independent candidate.

But Amuriat says the party leadership acknowledged that it did not give a fair hearing to Centenary at the time, adding that even after the unfair treatment, he has remained a loyal member of the party. The former MP has since been readmitted into the party and asked to join the National Secretariat for mobilization.  

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Amuriat said he was taking responsibility for the party’s error to support Ntabose despite all warnings that he had ties with the ruling NRM party. Ntabose was suspended by FDC for supporting NRM candidates in the 2021 general elections before he announced his switch to NRM.

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However, Amuriat informed the meeting that Centenary has paid up all the arrears in contributions accrued while he served in Parliament and had fully accounted for his decision to contest as an independent candidate.

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Fungaroo Kaps Hassan, the former Obongi County MP and a member of the FDC mobilization team said the party is interested in having back all its founding members as part of the ongoing nationwide mobilization drive.

Centenary calls this reunion a rebirth of the FDC and its reclaim to the lost victory in the just concluded general elections. He adds that liberating Kasese and Uganda calls for the involvement of all members and this is one of the reasons he was opted to work with all party members.

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