Prosecution Raises No Objection to Pato's Bail Application

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Tumwikirize however asked court to release the applicant on stringent terms should court be pleased with his bail application. Pato, who looked composed in the dock, filed his bail application through his lawyers, Robert Mackay and Richard Rugambwa.
30 Jul 2019 14:43
Patrick Kasaija alias Agaba in the middle at Criminal Division of High Court
Patrick Kasaija, also known as Pato Agaba, who is battling kidnap charges could be out on bail. The State Prosecutor Joanita Tumwikirize has raised no objection to his bail application.  

She told the High court Criminal Division presided over by Justice, Yasin Nyanzi that she is satisfied with the sureties presented by the suspect and the fact that he has a fixed place of aboard in Makindye.  

Tumwikirize, however, asked the court to release the applicant on stringent terms should the court be pleased with his bail application.  Pato, who looked composed in the dock, filed his bail application through his lawyers, Robert Mackay and Richard Rugambwa. 

Mackay told the court that his client has no criminal record and has been in jail both in Uganda and South Africa since March 2018. He said his offences are bailable by High Court, adding that he is also a father of two minors.  He asked the court to release Pato temporarily, saying he is the sole breadwinner at home. 

Pato presented four sureties including his father, Christopher Kasaija and his paternal uncle and businessman, Richard Kagoro, both residents of Hoima District. He also presented his friends, Ambrose Byona, an Accountant and resident of Kyengera in Wakiso District and Arnold Ananura, the Managing Director Baka Security Firm at Communications House Kampala.   

Justice Nyanzi interrogated the sureties and asked them how they acquired the titles they presented before the court the location of the land. He also asked them whom the court can refer to in the event that the applicant absconds from the court.   

In his response, Byona said the court can contact the former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi because he is aware that they are in court. Justice Nyanzi adjourned court to 3 pm to allow Pato to present a copy of the sales agreement for his house in lower Mawanga in Makindye Division. 

It came after Justice Nyanzi asked Pato on whether he inherited or bought his house. Pato explained that he left the original sales agreement in one of his homes in Johannesburg and can only produce a photocopy.

Details of the Case

Pato is charged with kidnapping Joan Alupo Cora. The prosecution alleges that on May 1st 2013, while at Muyenga A Kironde Road in Kampala Pato, and others still at large, kidnapped Joan Alupo Cora with intentions of procuring ransom or benefit from her liberation from the danger of being murdered.

Pato was extradited from South Africa on May 15th, 2019 for his alleged involvement in the murder and kidnap of Susan Magara, the former Accountant of Bwendeiro Dairy Farm. He was, however, charged with the Kidnap of Alupo on his arrival in Uganda.