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Protestors Block Gulu - Kampala Road Highway :: Uganda Radionetwork

Protestors Block Gulu - Kampala Road Highway

The protestors are demanding installation of humps to control accidents at the trading center saying the lack of the speed breakers have led to loss of several lives. They allege that the accident involved a government registered vehicle whose registration could not be ascertained.
The Residents Demanding The Installation of Speed Breakers

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Angry demonstrators have blocked the Gulu-Kampala Highway demanding for the installation of humps.

The protest which started at 9:00 am followed an accident at Koro Abili Trading centre, about 8 Kilometres from Gulu Town.Three people who were injured in the accident sustained broken limbs and injuries on their heads were rushed for treatment at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital. 

The angry residents used wooden logs and stones to block the road to traffic while some of them held logs and placards demanding immediate installation of humps.

The protest has blocked Gulu – Kamdini Highway to traffic and left several vehicles to and from Kampala stranded.

The residents argue that the absence of humps has led to loss of several lives.

Peter Mugabi, the Omoro district Police Commander tried to persuade the residents to call off the protest and allow traffic to flow. He told the residents that the driver of the vehicle has been arrested by Police.

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Peter Okello Douglas Okao, the Omoro District LC5 Chairperson also spoke with the residents to allow traffic resume. He asked the residents to open the road to traffic to allow UNRA assess the area for installation of humps.

Justine Odong, the Koro LC3 Chairperson says the trading centre has experienced at least seven accidents since the beginning of the year. He says some of the accidents have been fatal.

According to Odong, UNRA declined to install the humps because the area is a highway. He says accidents at the centre pose risks to school children going to Koro Abili Primary School, located directly opposite the main trading centre. 

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