Pupils of Closed Bududa School Demand to be Relocated

Now, the affected pupils are concerned that government and the district authorities have left them stranded after closing their school.

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More than 300 pupils of Bumahaka Primary school in Bulucheke Sub County in Bududa district are demanding for their immediate relocation to another school following the closure of their school. The school that is just about a Kilometer from Bunakasala and Bunamulembwa villages, the scene of the July 25 mudslides, was closed about a week after the incident.


Wilson Mangoye Masawi, the Bumwa parish chief says that a team from the office of the Prime minister and ministry of education closed the school fearing another landslide.  He said the school that had a population of a total of about 360 pupils, was located just adjacent to a huge crack that has made the area susceptible to a serious calamity.

Now, the affected pupils are concerned that government and the district authorities have left them stranded after closing their school. 11-year-old Ezekiel Mangoye, a Primary 3 pupil of the closed school says they do not know their fate and yet the second term is about to end.


Mangoye says that they are stranded and have nowhere to turn as their education is at stake. He says in the neighboring schools, pupils are scheduled to start their end of term examination next week and yet they have been abandoned by government.

Margret Katasi, another pupil has asked child rights advocacy groups to come to their rescue. Katasi, a primary five pupil says that almost three weeks after the closure of their school, no one has come out officially to show them where next to go.

Katasi who lost both parents in the mudslides and now leaves with a relative in Bududa trading center, says that most of them have resorted to helping their guardians to do gardening.

Ayatollan Kapchemut, the Bududa District Police Commander says that four more schools that are believed to be in high risks areas in Nakasi and Bussi sub counties are also due for closure. Two of the schools are Wubuhira and Halington primary schools.

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Cue out: …not yet been relocated.”//

Patrick Bwaya, a parent of Bumahaka primary school accuses government of neglecting the landslide victims. He says whereas government has promised to help them, it has done very little.

John Baptist Nambatsye, the Bududa district LC V chairperson says he has written several letters to the education ministry to find alternative schools for the pupils in vain.

He says they will convene an emergency council meeting to discuss a way forward.

More than 700 people were displaced by the June 25th landslides that killed an unspecified number of people. Only four bodies have since been recovered from the scene.