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PWDs Push For Reviews in Election of Their MPs :: Uganda Radionetwork

PWDs Push For Reviews in Election of Their MPs

Francis Mugwanya the Director of Fathers Mobility Ministry proposes that all Persons with Disabilities with the voting age be allowed to directly elect their MPs as opposed to the Electoral College system.

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A group of Persons with Disabilities is advocating for reforms in the process of selecting their Members of Parliament, aiming to introduce universal adult suffrage elections. Francis Mugwanya, the Director of Fathers Mobility Ministry, suggests that all Persons with Disabilities of voting age should be allowed to directly elect their MPs, rather than relying on the Electoral College system.

Currently, persons living with disabilities are represented by five Members of Parliament from various regions, along with one national PWD woman representative, who is elected jointly by regional delegates. Under the current Electoral College system, MPs are chosen by electoral colleges composed of five members of district Executive Committees, who then assemble at the national conference to form four regional colleges that ultimately elect MPs on behalf of their constituents. 

Mugwanya argues that the current process is unfair to PWDs and calls for a policy review to enable all voting adults to participate in selecting their leaders. “Because the PWDs also participate in the election of the President and other directly elected MPs, we should only have a special provision that even our MPs are elected on the same day,” he noted.  

Speaking at an event where 264 wheelchairs were donated to groups of Persons with Disabilities in Masaka city, Mugwanya emphasized the urgency for Parliament to revise existing laws and abolish the Electoral College system, which he deems overly restrictive. He highlights the disconnect between PWDs and their MPs at the grassroots level, questioning whether these MPs truly represent the views of their constituents. 

Mugwanya proposes that PWDs should have the same opportunity as other citizens to directly elect their MPs, alongside the President and other elected representatives.  He is actively promoting this idea among fellow PWDs to collectively advocate for its consideration by Parliament. 

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Regarding concerns about import tax increases on diapers and the lack of free provision of disability-assistive devices, Mugwanya criticizes Parliament for exacerbating the challenges faced by many PWDs in the community. 

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Bruno Mugumya, a Masaka District Councillor representing PWDs, supports the proposal for a change in the election mode of MPs, believing it will enhance accountability to the electorate. Juliet Kakande Nakabuye, the Masaka City Woman MP, pledges to discuss these opinions with her colleagues and work towards addressing the issues raised by the PWD community. 

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