Quest for More City Surveillance Camera's on

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Police in Kampala are in a quest for more surveillance cameras in the city.
The police have discussing with Kampala City Council and Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA), to find the possibility of purchasing more Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV).
The police argue that the cameras are a big deterrent to crime.
Francis Rwego, the Assistant Inspector General of Police, says police wants KCC and individual traders to install Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) on their premises, so they can be linked to the police surveillance system.
The cameras provide footages that are relayed back in the command center at Police headquarters where it's stored in a data bank in the event that is needed for future investigations.
Rwego says such footages are admissible in court as long as police can relate evidence.
Rwego says that if linked up, the city will then be placed under a 24-hour surveillance system. He also says that the CCTV cameras will help traders cut down on the costs of hiring security guards.
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The Uganda police force has today commissioned 50 CCTV cameras that were installed at Clock Tower, along Kampala road and Jinja road. Several cameras were installed towards Munyonyo, while the rest were installed in Entebbe town and at Entebbe International Airport.
Police says the 50 CCTV cameras installed by Sekanyolya Systems are few compared to Britain, which has more than 5million cameras.
However, KACITA chairman Livingstone Zziwa, however says that though a good idea, it would not be realized especially during a period when there is strong misgivings about the police.
KCC spokesperson, Simon Muhumuza, also says that the council would not invest money in CCTV cameras because they were a preserve of security.