Rain Storm Destroys Wakiso School of the Deaf

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The Wakiso district education officer Fredrick Kiyingi says that currently the district has no funds to handle the matter with the due urgency it deserves thus calling people and education related donor agencies to help the school reconstruct the damaged building.
Heavy down pour has de-roofed Wakiso Deaf School (3)

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A heavy rainstorm has blown off the roof of Wakiso School of the Deaf.

The Monday afternoon downpour occurred at about 2 pm. The storm blew off the roof of one of the two classrooms throwing the iron sheets meters away behind the school.

Margret Nakiguli, a student Interpreter, says that the incident happened when students were writing their mid-term examinations.

Nakiguli narrates that she was in the staff quarters when the rains begun and some students rushed to pick their clothes from the wire. She adds no student sustained any injuries.

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Cue out…katonda.”//

Christine Oddu,  a Senior Woman, says that when the rains begun she rushed back to the staff quarters, where she was trapped due to the heavy downpour.

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Cue out…of the house.”//

According to Samson Ojung, a Student Interpreter, the rain storm terrified students as iron sheets were flying all over the school compound.

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Cue out…so terrible.”//

Ojung adds that after the storm calmed down, teachers rushed to get students out of the classes and minutes later the ceiling sunk in.

Wakiso secondary school for the deaf which has an enrollment of over 250 students, is one of the few secondary schools for hearing impaired children in Uganda another being in Mbale District. 

The Wakiso district education officer Fredrick Kiyingi says that currently, the district has no funds to repair the classrooms.

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Cue out…roofed.”//       

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