Re-intergration of Former Inmates in Communities a Challenge

The chairman Uganda Prisoners' Aid Foundations says a big number of former prisoners are finding it extremely difficult to re-intergrate back in their communities.
Kinyiri Zirabamuzale, says while the prison has a crucial role to play in the reintergration of prisoners, this role has for long remained un performed.
Section 5 subsection c of the prisons act, give the prisons a mandate to facilitate the re-integration of former prisoners.
Zirabamuzale explains that once a prisoner has served his sentence, social workers are supposed to consult with the community where the offence was committed to find out their views and in-case they are bad he counsels the community.
According to Zirabamuzale, communities are not counseled and in extreme cases, this has resulted into mob justice by communities where the offence took place.
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The Prisons department spokesperson, Frank Baine disagrees. According to Baine, the welfare department re-integrates former prisoners back into society by providing transport.
Baine says that the department has found difficulties because most prisoners hide their proper identities and there places of origin for fear of people back home knowing they have been in prison.
He adds that the re-integration program has mainly benefited former prisoners Up-country.
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