Reconciliation Between Two Clans in Amuru District Hits Snag

In November last year, angry youth from the Pachedo clan protested after, Kevin Abito killed her 60-year-old father-in-law Paul Oyet following a disagreement.

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The planned reconciliation between the Pachedo and Palwong clans in Pabo Sub County, Amuru District has hit a snag.

In November last year, angry youth from the Pachedo clan protested after, Kevin Abito from the Palwong clan killed her 60-year-old father-in-law Paul Oyet a member of the Pachedo clan following a disagreement.

The angry youths destroyed several bags of grains including rice, maize, and beans among others and animals including 10 goats. They also stole 2.9 Million Shillings belonging to Vincent Okello and George Wokorach.


In the first reconciliation meeting held last month between the two clans held at Ker Kwaro Pabo, the Pachedo clan were tasked to provide 19 Million Shillings, 10 goats, 3 solar panels and 3 accumulators, 7 plastic chairs among others as compensation to the Wokorach and Okello and the Palwong clan for the items destroyed in the revenge attacks.

However, in the second reconciliation and compensation meeting held on Monday, the Pachedo clan presented cash of 1.5 Million Shillings, 3 plastic chairs, 5 goats, 1 solar panel and 2 accumulators as a commitment to the reconciliation process. However, the items were outright rejected by Wokorach and Okello along with the Palwong elders.  

Wokorach who lost several items says the items and money brought by the Pachedo clan is a mockery which he can’t accept.

Wokorach who threatened to walk out of the reconciliation process says he would rather take other approaches to have his items recovered. 

//cue in: “Accim weny tye   

Cue out … kunu peke”//.  

An elder from the Palwong who identified himself only as To-oyaka says they need at least 5 Million Shillings cash and all the other items which were destroyed if reconciliation is to be accepted.

Angello Okeny, the chairperson of the Pachedo clan asked for more time to mobilize more money and items saying they are committed to the reconciliation process.

35 suspects who participated in the revenge attacks have been identified while other key suspects are being held at Amuru Central Police station.