Residents Carry Body to RDC’s Office to Justify Travel Clearance

According to his wife Edith Nakijjoba they turned up for a clearance in the morning hours but failed to see the RDC until they have decided to carry the body to his office that he accepted to sign a travel clearance form to Masuliita in Luwero district.
Family members to deceased waiting for clearance at RDC's office

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Residents of Ntawo in Mukono Central Division today carried a body of a deceased person to the office of the Resident District Commissioner Fred Bamwiine to justify their request for travel clearance.

The deceased, identified as Paul Walusimbi succumbed to injuries sustained during an attack by a gang on Monday. He was returning home from Festino City, where he is employed as a cleaner.

According to his wife Edith Nakijoba, they were forced to carry the body, after trying in vain to secure a travel permit to take the deceased to his ancestral home in Masuliita, Wakiso District. 

Several other residents criticized the RDC for taking long to respond to their request.

URN has observed that over 100 people apply for  travel emergency clearance at the RDC’s office, in a day. These include expectant mothers and patients with terminal illnesses, many of who spend almost the entire day waiting. 

Denis Mulungo, a resident from Nama says if the situation at Mukono remains the same people are likely to die before getting treatment.

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Ronald Sserunjo, a resident from Seeta says the RDC should delegate powers to junior officers to reduce the burden of clearing people late in the day despite of having emergencies.

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The RDC Fred Bamwiine says majority of residents cannot justify their requests for travel clearances.

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