Residents Complain over Pollution from Mayuge Sugar Factory

Bagasse heaps dumped in a wetland neighboring the shores of Lake Victoria.

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Over 2500 residents are complaining about the uncontrolled levels of pollution from Mayuge Sugar factory.

The residents who say the pollution is threatening their lives come from Imanyiiro sub county in the villages of; Buvuna, Lugolole, Bufulubi zone A and Bufulubi zone B.

Residents say that they suffer both air pollution from bagasse and water pollution through a bad odur liquid emitted from the factory drainage systems to their water streams and gardens.

Awali Tezikuba, the L.C.1 chairperson of Bufulubi zone B says that boreholes and the wells have been polluted with bagasse forcing residents to travel long distances in a bid to collect safe water from the neighboring villages.

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Robert Kaluma, a resident of Lugolole village says that smoke emitted from bagasse causes frequent coughs and efforts for redress from factory owners have failed. 

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Ali Boogere, a resident of Buvuna village says that crops have dried up due to the pollution which flows from the factory’s drainage systems to their gardens.

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Karim Munobwa, another resident says that bagasse are indecomposable components which have mixed with their soils and made them unsuitable for agriculture as most crops get affected within a month of planting them.

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James Kayanga, the councilor representing Bufulubi parish says that leaders at sub county level have engaged the factory owners to eliminate pollution, but all in vain.

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Maxwell Mukisa, the district speaker says that their efforts to engage factory owners have not yielded anything and has called upon the Ministry of water and environment to prevail over the situation.

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Meanwhile, efforts to get a comment from management of Mayuge Sugar factory have turned futile as all top officials are reportedly off for holiday during the festive season.