Residents Neighbouring DRC Happy with UPDF Deployment to Fight ADF

Lukas Bwambale a popular political analysist in Kasese explains that Ugandans especially living close to DRC have overtime been living under the threat of ADF attacks.
In Kasese Many Residents Welcomed The Deployment of UPDF In DRC To Crackddown the ADF Rebels

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Residents neighbouring DR. Congo in Kasese District have expressed support for the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces-UPDF deployment in Congo to fight the Allied Democratic Forces-ADF rebels. 

Last week, the UPDF and the DRC forces launched a joint operation code-named “Military Suja (Hero),  against the ADF militants in neighbouring Congo, an offensive that Ugandan officials said was intended to drive the militants out of their bases.

Many neighbours of DRC, especially those that have tasted the wrath of ADF before are optimistic that peace will now return to the region after the intervention. 

Others say they have strong ties including business and ancestral relations with the Congolese and the continued wars have directly affected them.

For example, in November 1996, ADF perpetrated its first large scale attack on towns of Bwera and Mpondwe-Lhubiriha were over 50 people were killed and it took years before business returned to normalcy. 

Lukas Bwambale a popular political analysist in Kasese explains Ugandans especially living close to DRC have overtime been living under the threat of ADF attacks. 

He says many people in the district have relatives in DRC and hearing that UPDF is trying to secure them gives a relief to these families.

//Cue in: “The other part… //

Cue out: …by people of Uganda.”//

Bwambale also reasons that the entry of UPDF builds relations between Ugandans and Congolese easing exchange of security information. 

However, he demands for involvement of all stakeholders so that they can be supportive to the operation.

//Cue in: “Involve stakeholders… //

Cue out: …peace than war.”// 

Rev. Ezra Mukonzo Yongeza the Kasese District chairperson for Inter-religious organization heartedly welcomes the UPDF intervention decrying the heinous acts conducted by the ADF group in Rwenzori region including the killing of over 80 students of Kicwamba Technical College in Kabarole District in 1998. 

He says the survival of the ADF group in DRC means border communities will never have peace. 

//Cue in: “Uganda working with…//

Cue out: …never have peace here.”// 


Masitura Kasibante operating a mini-boutique in Bwera town and whose brother was shot and killed by ADF in 2016 says the family has never felt safe since that period. 

She says this is the groups that was trained in DRC and came purposely to kill and destroy their properties.

“Who knows where my brother would be by now if it wasn’t for his life being cut short by ADF?” questioned Kasibante.

Doreen Mbabu, another resident says they have always been worried of ADF invasion and when UPDF goes for the group from its breeding grounds, it’s a sigh of relief. 

She adds that the presence of rebels in DRC has also hinderd  smooth cross-border trade.

//Cue in: “I really appreciate…//

Cue out: ….an enemy in Uganda.”// 

Elder Anna Bakazimbaga Bwambale says if the motive is genuinely to save the lives of Ugandans and Congolese she has no objection. 

She also calls for involvement of the local population noting that the National Army for the Liberation of Uganda-NALU in 1988 was only defeated with the support of or dinary Ugandans. 

//Cue in: “We encouraged government…//

Cue out: …no objection.”//

Gregory Kombi, the Bwera Sub-county Chairperson LC III has also welcomed the intervention but demands of UPDF to give proper accountability to the country regarding the operations.


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