Retrenched Kibaale Parish Chiefs Sue District for Ushs.60m

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Parish chiefs from Kibaale district who were retrenched from office in 2005 have threatened to sue the district authorities for non-payment of their gratuities.

The six parish chiefs have served a letter of intention to sue for 60 million shillings through their lawyers Tumwesigye, Baingana and Company Advocates. The letter sent earlier this month to the Kibaale Chief Administrative Officer says the parish chiefs have not been given the benefits promised to them when they were laid off.

The retrenchment settlement offered them six months gross pay in lieu of notice, severance pay, transport to their homes, pension and a flat rate of 200,000 shillings. However they say they have barely received half of the money they were entitled to.

The Kibaale Chief Adminstrative Officer, Danstun Balaba, says all the money owed to the parish chiefs has been paid. He says the chiefs themselves signed bank cheques with the full amount of gratuity indicated and he plans to write to their lawyers, notifying them of this fact.

The six Kibaale parish chiefs are part of a larger group of civil servants that were laid off by the government four years ago to comply with Local Government employment provisions.