Return of Roadside Vendors Irks Hoima Residents

The vendors are currently operating on the newly constructed Hoima USMID roads that were recently commissioned by President Museveni.
Vendors dealing in second hand clothes transacting business on the walk ways of the newly constructed Hoima USMID Roads.

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The return of roadside vendors on streets in Hoima town has irked residents.       

The vendors dealing in second-hand clothes, shoes and food are currently operating on the newly constructed Hoima USMID roads that were recently commissioned by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.   They are visible on Bunyoro Kitara, Republic, Wright and Percy roads. They operate both during the day and night hours. 

Hoima Municipality evicted the vendors last year in an attempt to create order in the town.   

Some of them have placed their businesses on walkways, in front of shops and green belts. 


Grace Kyaligonza, a businesswoman along Bunyoro Kitara road says they are unhappy with some of the vendors who have blocked their business premises. She says some of the roadside vendors sell similar products with them and therefore blocking their customers.       

Tadeo Isingoma, another businessman in Hoima town wonders why the municipality, which used a lot of resources to evict the roadside vendors, is just looking on as they cause confusion and congestion.   

Vincent Mujuni a resident of Kiryetete a Hoima town suburb says the return of the roadside vendors in the central business area is a clear demonstration of lack of seriousness on the municipal leadership. He says some of the vendors could be conniving with the municipal officials to freely operate on the streets.

One of the vendors who spoke to Uganda Radio Network on condition of anonymity says they are being licensed by the Municipal Authorities to operate their businesses by the roadside. 

She says every evening they pay 1,000 to operate by the roadside. 

 Iddi Magezi, the councillor representing Bwikya ward in Mparo division says some of the municipal officials must be investigated for allowing the roadside vendors operate freely. 

He says it is illegal for such vendors to operate by the roadside yet there is a gazetted venue for vendors selling second-hand clothes.

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Cue out:…mutuka baba tomere.:”//.   

David Kyasanku, the Hoima Municipal town clerk says the vendors are operating illegally.

He says they are soon going to crack down an operation to ensure that the vendors are chased away from operating on the streets.

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Cue out…come in Hoima.:”//. 

He adds that nobody has been contracted to collect revenue from the vendors.    

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