Ritual Murder Victim - Little Trinity's Family Beg Police for her Body

Mourners gather outside the church where four year old, Zabella Trinity Nakisuyi was killed from.

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Relatives of four-year-old Trinity Zabella Nakisuyi, want police to quicken the process of handing over her remains for burial.

The relatives told URN on Monday that police detectives can still conduct their investigations after burial, because the continued delays have left their family members struggling to cope with the pain of losing little Trinity.

Nakisuyi was kidnapped and killed by Joseph Sserubiri, the proprietor of deliverance church alongside his wife, Felista Namaganda. 

Sserubiri informed police detectives that, he sacrificed Nakisuyi with intent of earning divine powers that, would enable him to raise a big church congregation.

The duo led police detectives to both Wanyange lake village in Jinja city and Kinyoro sugarcane plantation located in Jinja district, where the deceased’s remains had been buried.

Annet Nakisasi, the deceased’s mother says that Nakisuyi was a jolly and beautiful girl who attracted the attention of several adults within their community. 

Nakisasi stresses that she is psychologically tortured by the delayed burial of her daughter, whose gruesome murder has continued to cause her daily emotional breakdowns. 

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John Mulodi, the deceased’s father says that police should extract samples from their child’s lifeless body and hand over the rest of the remains for burial. 

Mulodi stresses that such steps will help their family to start getting emotional healing and stability following their daughter’s painful death. 

Idi Shaban, the deceased’s grandfather says that the news about Nakisuyi’s death has left a big vacuum in their family, but her delayed burial despite clear pointers confirming her demise has left their household more distressed and emotionally shattered. 

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Meanwhile Kiira region’s police spokesperson, James Mubi says that the deceased’s remains which are not easily recognizable with mere human eyes will be subjected to government’s forensic laboratory for further examination before handing them over to the relatives for burial.