Kabale University Guild Leaders Demand Allowances

The University has not paid allowances to the guild leadership for the last five months. Professor Ezra Mishambi Twesigomwe, the University Deputy Vice-Chancellor, however, says Guild leaders deserve no pay because they have been in holidays.

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There is a row between Kabale University administration and the Students' Guild over unpaid allowances.

The University has not paid allowances to the guild leadership for the last five months. This has angered the leaders who claim that the administration has remained silent on their concerns.

The guild wants the administration to explain why they are not receiving their allowances yet the students pay tuition every semester.

Guild leaders fault the University for failure to pay them their monthly airtime and sitting allowances for the last five months.

Naboth Orishaba, the finance minister says that although each minister is entitled to get air time allowance of thirty thousand shillings and another thirty thousand shillings as sitting allowance, they haven't received the money for the last five month.

Orishaba says that last semester the Guild council sat three times without any allowance. He adds that the University Administration has kept a deaf ear on releasing their allowances, despite several reminders.

//Cue in: “But as guild……

Cue out:…….five months.”//

Nicholas Ainebyoona Kamuntu, the president for Human Right Council at the university suspects that some University administrators could have diverted. 

John Bosco Muhwezi, the Guild President says that failure by the University to pay them  is a sign of disrespect. He adds that the Guild leaders will not sit until they are paid their allowances. 

Professor Ezra Mishambi Twesigomwe, the University Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, however, says that there is no way Guild leaders can be paid yet they have been in holidays and not performing their duties.

//Cue in: "That type of…….

Cue out;…….be paid.”//

This is not the first time Kabale University Administration is engaged in running battles over pay. On 12th July this year, more than 40 teaching and non-teaching staff laid down their tools demanding their salary arrears for the past four months.

Reliable sources from the University indicate that up to date, the staff has not received their salaries.