Royal Chiefs, Representatives Divided On Choice Of Lukiiko Speaker

Some of the Lukiiko members stand outside Busoga kingdom headquarters.

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There is confusion and misunderstanding at the Busoga kingdom headquarters as royal chiefs and chiefdom representatives have failed to agree on who should become Busoga Lukiiko’s speaker.

The kingdom’s royal parliament commonly referred to as Lukiiko had convened for the swearing of new chiefdom representatives following the elapse of their five year term in April this year.

The confirmed representatives embarked on the nomination process together with royal chiefs who acted as overseers of the whole process.

Robert Ntuyo, a representative from Butembe chiefdom, and the incumbent speaker, George Mutyabule who also represents Bugabula chiefdom were nominated and the whole process was closed.

Ntuyo however opted out of the election claiming that the kingdom’s constitution does not allow him to serve as both the royal attorney general and speaker as well, living Mutyabule to run unopposed.

This however, did not go on well with the royal chiefs led by the kingdom’s chief royal prince, Samuel Zirabamuzale, who wanted the nomination process to resume arguing that the kingdom’s constitution is silent on the matter, whereas the representatives rejected their plea.

Magaret Kulaba, the minster of gender and children affairs in Butembe says that if kingdom’s constitution is silent on an issue concerning governance or any form of electoral process, the royal chiefs should borrow a leaf from Uganda’s constitution on electoral laws which indicates that once nominations are closed, the status quo should be maintained.

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Moses Kakete, another representative says that if the house fails to maintain Mutyabule as the Lukiiko speaker after close of nominations, he might end up seeking court redress which will be costly to the kingdom.

Kakete further urged fellow representatives to create strong laws which can safeguard the sovereignty of the kingdom.

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However, Zirabamuzale adjourned the Lukiiko sitting indefinitely claiming that, the representatives needed more time and more consultations before electing their speaker.

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