Rubirizi District Councillors Accuse RDC of Frustrating Local Revenue Collection

The RDC is accused of sabotaging the council resolutions and overstepping her mandate.
Kyambura Roadside Market in Rubirizi District.

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Rubirizi District councillors are accusing the Resident District Commissioner, Harriet Nakamya, for failing local revenue collection. 

Silvestre Agubanshongorera, Rubirizi District LCV Chairperson, says that the RDC has forgotten her responsibility and making her own decisions while opposing council resolutions.

“If you stop local revenue, it means you are distracting the operations of the council, we have been collecting 104 million shillings every financial year, the ministry asked us to increase on the local revenue, we came up with a new charge policy council approved it and she is now opposing and challenging it without knowing the details, but just inciting the community”. He said.

Agubanshongorera says that the RDC wants to stop the community from paying taxes which will affect service delivery.  

“How do you collect garbage without revenue and other services supported by local revenue”. He said.


Ashaba Umaru Katainama, the District Council Speaker, says that the RDC does not respect the councillors and sabotages the council resolutions.

Katainama says that the council agreed to came up with a charge policy to help increase revenue for the district which the RDC has de-campaigned.

//Cue In: “We have a…

Cue Out: …De-campaigning our efforts.”// However, Nakamya refuted the accusations saying she has been on good terms with the council until when they failed to agree over issues among them having UPE schools asking pupils to pay money, selling water at a high cost, taxing highly traders at Kyambura and other open markets.

 Nakamya says that the district leaders have set high taxes which the traders can't afford.

//Cue in: “Failing local revenue…

Cue Out: …Stand as RDC.”// 

Frank Kyakamara, the LC3 Chairperson Kirugu Sub County, faulted the councillors for failing to follow what they agreed with the traders by setting their own charges.

//Cue in: “RDC ekyari kugamba…

Cue Out: …Kwombeka eihanga ryeitu.”//   Johnbosco Tumuramye, a trader at Ndekye Market, says that they are charged a lot of money and yet they are reaping small from their businesses.

“We are paying between 1,000 and 6,000 shillings daily depending what one is selling, I sell Irish potatoes, I pay 1,000 shillings a basin and if I have a sack I pay 6,000 shillings”. He said.