SACCO Managers in Oyam Sub-County in Trouble for mismanagement

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The managers of a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization-SACCO in Oyam Sub-county Lira district are in trouble for misuse of funds.
Oketcha Geoffrey and David Adoto, opened a SACCO targeting the disabled people in Oyam sub-county. The SACCO was intended to support the activities of the disabled persons in the sub-county.
Initially, the SACCO operated smoothly attracting more than 200 member's majority of who were disabled persons. The SACCO was able to raise more than 8-million shillings from the members.
But almost a year after it opened its doors, the disabled persons in Oyam sub-county have be come suspicious of the managers.
During a stormy meeting held over the weekend, leaders of disabled persons in Oyam accused the managers of misappropriating the funds.
The disabled persons demanded to know where the money collected from the members was being invested. But the managers said that they would convene a special session to explain their accounts.
But this didn't go down well with William Nokrach, head of the disabled persons in Oyam sub-county. He ordered the managers to suspend all operations until all the moneys collected in the past are accounted for.
Nokrach has given management four days to either account for the money or be prosecuted.
Martin Abila, the Oyam district Public accounts committee chief, says the two managers have been summoned to his office to defend their activities.