Sacked Hoima CAO Blames Minister Kajura for his Demise

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The Hoima Chief Administrative Officer, Patrick Mwesigwa, is angry that he has been forced to retire from service 13 years before reaching the retirement age.

The 47-year-old senior civil servant says he received a letter sacking him from office last evening. The letter accuses him of failing Government work and activities.

Mwesigwa says his removal from office is unwarranted. He accuses the Public Service Minister, Henry Muganwa Kajura of being behind his sacking, claiming that there has been bad blood between him and the Minister for a long time.

Mwesigwa says he has in the past resisted attempts by Muganwa to compromise him and to involve him in politics in Hoima.

The Minister could not be reached for a comment. However his political assistant, Richard Kyakutegekiire, says he is not aware of the alleged long-standing grudge between the Chief Administrative Officer and his boss.

Mwesigwa says he is going to sue Government for his forced retirement and plans to file both criminal and civil cases on the matter.

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