Schools in Bunyangabu Call For Mass Covid-19 Vaccination of Learners, Teachers

The Deputy Headteacher at Kibito Primary School, Annet Kajumbukire Byamugisha says the lockdown will expose the learners to the virus.
Covid-19 Control Messages in Kibota Primary School Compound

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School administrators and parents in Bunyangabu District are asking the government to vaccinate all learners to avoid disruptions when schools reopen.

On Sunday, President Museveni announced fresh restrictions as part of measures to control the COVID-19 transmissions in the country in face of the second wave of the pandemic.

Among the fresh restrictions, was the closure of all educational institutions across the country for 42 days effective June 7.

The administrators argue that learners were affected during the first lockdown and this is exhibited in the poor grades registered during their examination.

The Deputy Headteacher at Kibito Primary School, Annet Kajumbukire Byamugisha says the lockdown will expose the learners to the virus.

Byamugisha questions the decision to close all schools yet they had been opened after inspection by the Ministry of health and education authorities. She adds that the closure will affect the planning and budgeting of the school.

 //Cue in: “Tutandikire kukora embalira… 

Cue out: …tuli ready.”//

Byamugisha says if the vaccine can be given to young children, then it should be administered to all the learners so that classes can immediately resume.  She says out of 33 teachers in the school 31 have already been vaccinated.

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John Mugisa, the headteacher of St. John Secondary in Buhesi Sub County says the suspension of learning activities affects both students, parents, schools and the community. However, he thinks it’s now vital for the government to consider vaccinating both teachers and learners to ensure the learning process is not interrupted in the future.

//Cue in: “Suspension of 42 days… 

Cue out: …the lost time.”//

Mugisa also demands the government to honour its pledge of financially supporting private schools.  He also wants the government to allocate a budget for digital learning as part and partial learning and teaching process.

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Cue out: …at a school level.”// 

Moses Hangiriza a parent from Kyabukoko, Kisomoro Sub County wants the government to allow teachers to organize the teaching of learners from the villages.  He explains that learners can be put into small groups and taught by teachers in the vicinity. 

He is concerned even when learners are sent home, most of them are interacting with the community without observing the SOPs.

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Cue out: …baingi bubyaro.”//

Jane Kusemererwa another parent is advocating for the introduction of village-based learners to help learners continue with their syllabus.

Kuseremerwa also says that she had already paid all the school fees for her two children at Kibito Primary School.

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Cue out: … zahyayo zitagweyo.”//

David Tusingwire, a student at St. John's Valley Secondary School is worried the suspension of classes is likely to affect their academic progress. He also wants the government to consider vaccinating them. He also asks the government to fully support radio/TV learning for all affected classes.

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Cue out: …it will be hard.”// 

Fortunate Muhindi another student hopes the government will allow teachers to do home-based coaching.  She says that students can’t concentrate on TV because of disruptions.