Masaka District Fails to Complete Schools Inspection Exercise

By Wednesday out of over 200 education institutions distributed across Masaka district, the assessment team had inspected 174 centers, and had only issued 100 certificates of compliance to schools that passed the compliance tests.
Learners awaiting for a teacher inside a classroom, they are resuming classes today after a long holiday of six months file photo

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Masaka district has failed to complete the inspection exercise of schools to gauge their readiness and ability to implement Standard Operating Procedures- SOPs.

Schools for candidates and finalists reopened today after seven months of closure following the outbreak of the Covid-19.

The Ministry of Education in a circular to Districts and Municipalities Education Officers and the Resident District Commissioners demanded that all schools are inspected and certificates of compliance are issued before they reopen.

However, in Masaka district, some of the schools are reopening before they are inspected.

By Wednesday evening, out of over 200 education institutions across Masaka district, the assessment team had inspected 174 schools and had only issued 100 certificates of clearance.

Gerald Nsambu, the Masaka District Principal Inspector of Schools pleads that their team could not reach out to all schools in the shortest period, arguing that some of them will be inspected after they have reopened.

According to Nsambu, they have acted on a presumption that all government-aided schools have the capacities to put in place the required safety measures after they received financial support from the government.

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Cue out;….performance levels.”//  


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  Cue out; …..okulaba nga osobozesebwa.”//

Nsambu adds their teams are going to continue with the inspection exercise throughout the week.

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Happy Biira Molly, the Masaka District Deputy Internal Security Officer who was also part of the school inspection team has challenged parents to demand compliance certificates from schools.

She indicates that despite government intervention, parents ought to also play a key role in preventing the spread of the virus by providing some preventive gears to their children.

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Some of the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Educations requires schools to have in place among other things; temperature monitoring equipment, foot-operated hand washing facility at every block, a Covid-19 situation management committee, provision of a fence or barrier and guards to restrict entry to and exit from the premises; some of which have proven challenging to school administrators.