Security at Constitutional Square Tightened

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Security at the Constitutional square in Kampala has been tightened, a day after Lira Municiplaity MP called off his planned rally.

Police have deployed police constables with batons to wade off a possible turnaround by Akena to convene a rally.

Kampala Extra Region spokesperson, Simeo Nsubuga says that they have do deploy because they did not want to take any chances with politicians.

According to Nsubuga before police had agreed with politicians but they end up doing the opposite so they had to deploy around the venue.

On Tuesday, Akena announced that he would hold a demonstration at the Constitutional Square, to draw the attention of the public on their right to peacefully assemble and express their views.

But on Friday, Akena, called off the rally on grounds that he received information that some people were planning to disrupt the rally, in order to discredit the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party.

Akena postponed the rally for two weeks, to enable him harmonise his activities with the Kampala City Traders Association who had expressed concern that the demonstration would disrupt the business in the city, as has been the case in the past.