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Six Fake Security Operatives Arrested for Impounding Motorcycles :: Uganda Radionetwork

Six Fake Security Operatives Arrested for Impounding Motorcycles

This is not the first time fake security operatives have impounded motorcycles in Kampala metropolitan area.
Some of the motorcycles illegal impounded.
At least six fake security operatives who have been impounding motorcycles have been arrested in Kampala.

Police took action after complaints from Kanyike Kiviri one of the leaders of bodaboda riders in Kampala Central.

Kanyike said a number of boda boda riders were flocking to their offices accusing them of impounding their motorcycles yet they had not conducted or participated in any operations.

"The riders were very angry and some threatened to hurt us. I called the police to find out whether there were civilian groups they were working with to impound motorcycles but they said no. I asked police to intervene," Kanyike said.

Police deployed a covert team that found civilians impersonating security officers impounding motorcycles mostly in Old Kampala areas. Six of the fake operatives were arrested while others fled.

Patrick Onyango the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson has identified the suspects as Atanas Mayanja 47, Free Ndasirye 43, Kosea Kabugho 39, Edison Mande 43, Deus Mwebaze 36, and Hassan Ssebunya 39.

"This is to warn civilians who are still impounding motorcycles to stop their illegal actions. Any person who will be found impounding motorcycles will be arrested and charged to courts of law," Onyango said.

Police have rescued the illegally impounded motorcycles. These include UFK 311E, UFL 105Y, UFR 807V, UDM 787B, UFT 953S, UFN 521W, UED 342Z, UFX 552B, UDH 746H, UFW 503F, UEN224B, UDQ 110Q and UEW 013W.

Others include UEP 421G, UFS 084D, UEX 674H, UFN 505F, UFH 341W, UFQ 599Q, UDV 142M, UDM 395M and UEA 463A.

Onyango said the suspects had also issued documents to bodaboda riders cautioning them against numerous traffic offenses.

"We have charged the six suspects with impersonation and extortion as investigations continue. They'll soon be arraigned in courts of law," Onyango said.

This is not the first time fake security operatives have impounded motorcycles in the Kampala metropolitan area.

A month ago Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) deployed its personnel to work with traffic police officers purposely to deal with military impersonators.

Col Deo Akiiki the deputy UPDF Spokesperson said there were several incidents were people would threaten police officers by placing military jackets in seats and sometimes robbers donned in army uniforms would conduct day and night roadblocks.

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