Soldiers Raided Resident's Home On Their Own-UPDF

Mutabazi says the soldiers had just completed a junior non-commissioned officer’s course and were on pass leave.

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The Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF has distanced itself from a group of soldiers who raided the home of a resident of Mbarara district over the weekend and attempted to arrest him. 

The three soldiers accompanied by a Special Police Constable stormed Ahimbisibwe’s home in Kibwijo village in Rubindi Sub County to arrest him over a land dispute. Lt Col. Remmy Mutabazi, the acting second Division Army Spokesperson, says the three soldiers acted on their own. 

He, however, says their mission failed after when Ahimbisibwe two of the soldiers with a machete. According to Mutabazi, the suspects including Polly Tumushabe, a local Defense Unit personnel attached to the 17th battalion Kakiri, Private Rogers Amumpe from the 508 brigade, Private Mathias Akuguzibwe from the 89 battalions and special police constable Ejudius Tumwijuye from Rubindi Police post are in custody.  

Mutabazi says the soldiers had just completed a junior non-commissioned officer’s course and were on pass leave.  

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Cue out: …wasn’t official deployment.”//     

He says that preliminary investigations show that Tumwijukye and Tumushabe are embroiled in a land dispute with Ahimibisibwe and they appear to have influenced the soldiers to act on their behalf. Mutabazi explains that Ahimbisibwe hacked Akuguzibwe and Amumpe as they tried to force their way into the house. 

They are receiving treatment at the second Division hospital.  

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Cue out: …cut with a machete.”//

Andrew Agume, the Officer in charge of Rubindi police station, says that they were surprised about the operation since neither him nor the area LC I chairperson was aware. He says the residents woke up to loud noise and got suspicious when the officers dressed in army uniform kept banging Ahimbisibwe’s door.  

Francis Bitanuzire, the Rubindi Gombolola Internal Security Officer, says the soldiers invaded the home of Ahimbisibwe’s mother after midnight and started beating her while forcing her to ask her son to open the door. He says that hearing the attack on his mother, Ahimbisibwe opened the door armed with a machete to rescue his mother and cut the attackers.

According to Bitanuzire, residents overpowered the soldiers and beat them before calling police to apprehend them. Ahimbisibwe confirms the wrangle but says that he did not expect that the matters would go too far. According to Mutabazi, the soldiers will appear before the court martial after the conclusion of their investigations.