Soroti Police Shoot Dead Gun Thief

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A 28-year-old suspected habitual thief has been shot dead in Soroti.

Francis Kasaija from Nakasongola district was killed after he was suspected of grabbing a gun from a police officer attached to Mulondo police post in Soroti district.

The regional police commander mid eastern Uganda Andrew Sorowen said yesterday Kasaija was earlier arrested on suspicion of selling stolen property, but later escaped from police custody after grabbing a gun from a police constable.

Cue in: ia search was mounted#

Cue out: #and he was shot deadi

Documents found on Kasaija indicated that he was a habitual thief who had just been released from prison.

In other crime news, mid eastern police have recovered 3 guns with 119 rounds of ammunition. Police have also arrested 6 suspected thugs who include 2 army deserters.