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South Karamoja Leaders Call for Joint Animal Grazing :: Uganda Radionetwork

South Karamoja Leaders Call for Joint Animal Grazing

Following the peace dialogues between the Pian and Pokot, the leaders from both sides have asked the authorities to consider allowing the two communities to jointly graze their cattle so that they can strengthen their peace mission.
The Pian and Pokot communities during peace dialogue in Nabilatuk district

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Local leaders in the South Karamoja are calling for joint cattle grazing to foster peace among the two warring Pokot and Pian communities. In August this year, the Joint security forces banned Pokot pastoralists from grazing in the neighboring Nabilatuk, Nakapiripirit, and Kween districts following the frequent attacks by armed Pokot warriors.

The Pian Community also stopped Pokot Pastoralists from grazing on their land because of the crop destruction by the livestock. Now, following the peace dialogues between the Pian and Pokot, the leaders from both sides have asked the authorities to consider allowing the two communities to jointly graze their cattle so that they can strengthen their peace mission.

They also noted that the raiders prefer stealing cows from distant places and bringing them together would minimize the cases. Alex Limale, the LC 3 Chairperson of Kongorok Sub County in Amudat district noted that the joint grazing would promote unity among the two conflicting communities and end the raids. 

Abongotu proposed that they would form cattle committees in every kraal which will work as village chairpersons to ensure that there is peaceful coexistence among the Pokot and Pian. He noted that this would help to eradicate cases of theft during the joint grazing and urged the local leaders from both communities to speak one voice for peace.

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Paul Lokut, the Nakapiripirit district youth councilor emphasized on the need to bring together all the youth on board to understand the value of peace and abandon their criminal acts. Lokut noted that the youth are the major perpetrators of cattle theft and bringing them together to change their mindset would prevail as an everlasting solution for peace. 

He said that they have no problem sharing the resources with the Pokot pastoralists so long as they stop entering the district with illegal firearms. Lokut added that they have always wished to coexist with the Pokot Community peacefully but there are some wrong elements conniving with Pokot in Kenya to raid the Pian cows.

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Judith Natuk welcomed the initiative asserting that the joint grazing would bridge the gaps that are causing conflicts between the Pokot and Pian Communities. Natuk noted that they are looking for all possible means of uniting the two warring Communities and the joint grazing would partly help to bring peace. She explained that the warriors do not raid within their communities and bringing all of them together would frustrate those who would think of raiding.

Natuk urged the local leaders to support the initiative of joint grazing so that they can achieve the goal of peace. She added that communities from North Karamoja have finally settled and embraced peace but the problem has been in the Southern part which comprises Pokot and Pian.

Natuk reiterated that the communities should consider sharing resources so that they can develop together rather than others causing instability.

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Brig Gen Felix Busizoori, deputy commander of UPDF 3rd division acknowledged that establishing the joint kraals is a workable solution that would encourage coexistence. Busizoori noted that once the livestock is mixed up, the raiders will find it hard to raid within the community because it is against their norms. He said that they have also embarked on community peace mobilization to ensure that people bring back the remaining illegal firearms which are still causing havoc among the communities.

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But Paul Lokol, the LC5 chairperson of Nabilatuk district is still skeptical of the joint grazing initiative, stating that they have not yet sealed the peace deal with the Amudat leadership.

Lokol said that they need a special meeting with the leaders of the Amudat district to harmonize their aggrievarances and see ways of helping the suffering pastoralists. He also emphasized the cooperation among the local leaders from village chairpersons to the parliamentary level to strengthen the peace-building processes among the communities.

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Meanwhile, Ahamed Fardosa, the Napak Deputy Resident District Commissioner warned that the two warring Communities should consider embracing peace before thinking about coming together for joint grazing. Fardosa revealed that her district used to experience the same conflict with the neighboring districts of Teso but they engaged the leadership and communities from both districts to design possible solutions for peace.

Fardosa noted that they have already signed the agreement for resource sharing with the Teso leaders to allow Karimojong Pastoralists to graze from their land. She said that this has created peace between the Karimojong and Itesot as they can now graze jointly without any wrangles.

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