Speaker Hospitalised after being Stung by Bees

Speaker Lubinga's situation was dangerously complicated because, being a Person With Disability, he could not run for his life and so he only yelled for help.
Francis Xavier Lubinga, the new Speaker for Kyotera district, who is admitted

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Francis Xavier Lubinga, the new Speaker for Kyotera district, has been rushed to hospital in extreme pain after being rescued from a swarm of bees that attacked him in his office.   

It is said that as soon as he entered his office to bees started stinging him.    In a tricky situation, Lubinga, also a Person With Disability, could not run for his life but to yell for help.   

Different district officials could not go near the bee filled room fearing for the worst from the angry flying insects.   

According to Jamiru Kabiito, the Principal Human Resource Officer, an army of buzzing bees further took position in almost every corner of the office block.    He adds that some attacked him from inside and others waylaid him outside at the door.

  In a dramatic incident, Kabiito drove a car near the back door of Lubinga’s office in an attempt to rescue him. But it took him about five minutes to figure out how to save his colleague.   

Lubinga finally managed to creep slowly up to the car and Kabiito whisked him away to a safer territory.    Kabiito explains that a few bees followed Lubinga up to the car but he managed to escape to safety.   

Lubinga was rushed to Kyotera Community hospital where he is receiving treatment.   

//Cue in: “Nga zindibubu era nga………………………..   

Cue out: …………………….kuyimirirawo nezitanzita”//  

Lubinga sustained injuries in the face, head, ears and other parts of the body.However, he says that he is recovering but with painful sores.  


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