Speaker Warns MPs Against Individually Engaging Agencies Using Parliament's Name

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has warned members of Parliament against engaging agencies in their individual capacity on matters that should be handled by Parliament.
Officials of Civil Aviation Authority appearing before COSASE.

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A new form of impersonation seems to have hit town being perpetrated by the most honourable members of society - Members of Parliament. It has prompted the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga to warned the MPs against engaging agencies in their individual capacity on matters that are supposed be handled by Parliament. 

Kadaga’s warning to MPs follows an action by an MP of writing to an undisclosed industrialist saying the industrialist had breached certain standards. 

Now Kadaga has warned the MPs against engaging in activities with agencies on behalf of Parliament. Kadaga told the MPs that only the committee chairpersons, the Clerk of Parliament or the Speaker of Parliament should engage agencies on official business.

Kadaga warned that whoever is found engaging in such acts shall be dealt with. She made the statement during her communication to the house on Wednesday evening.

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The warning by the Speaker comes just a year after she raised concern that MPs including committee members were engaging bribery and corruption.

“Some committees and members are taking decisions that bind the House and they are soliciting funding from outside and yet the commission facilitates these committees,” Kadaga warned. 

According to the Parliamentary rules of Procedure under general behaviour,  MPs are expected to act solely in interest of the public, integrity, openness and objectivity and accountability among others. It also not acceptable for MPs to engage in roles that tantamount to corruption.

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