Stop Exaggerating Number of Raided Animals, Minister Warns Karimojong.

According to Minister Kizige, in most cases whenever the raider’s take two cows the owners increases the number and claims that 200 cows raided.
16 Feb 2021 13:08
A Karimojong pastoralist driving his goats from arid land in Moroto last week, The State Minister has cautioned Karimojong against exaggerating the numbers of raided animals.

The state minister for Karamoja affairs Moses Kizige has cautioned Karimojong pastoralists against  a mentality of exaggerating the numbers of the animals lost whenever they are raided.

Mr.Kizige who cautioned the Karimojong  on Monday during a meeting with the Matheniko pastoralists in Moroto district, said exaggeration of numbers of raided animals was affecting the smooth recovery and distribution of animals to the rightful owners whenever the army recovers them from the raiders.

According to Minister Kizige, in most cases whenever the raider’s raid may be two cows the owners of the raided cows increases the number and claims  200 cows raided.

“Our people don’t tell the truth when their animals are raided, we have learnt that when the raiders steal one cow from a kraal, the kraal leaders exaggerates the numbers of the raided cows from one to 100 heads of cows making it very difficult for the army to trace and this must stop,” he said.

The meeting was called following the persisting cattle rustling that has seen clashes between the Karimojong  and the Army.

Simon Lokol a kraal leader of Pupu village acknowledges that there could be some people who don't tell the truth about the number of animals raided in their kraals but urged the minister not to generalize.

"That's why we as kraal leaders want to work with the security forces and we get rid of these criminals," he said.

Over the last three  month the UPDF has been clashing with the Karimojong who have resumed cattle rustling after ten years of peace following the successful disarmament in the region.