Strange Disease Kills Poultry in Isingiro

Julius Muhumuza Chairperson LC 1 Rwembogo village says they have lost over two hundred birds in a period of one week.

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Poultry farmers in Isingiro District are counting losses following a reported outbreak of unknown disease that has claimed hundreds of birds.

The most affected are poultry farmers in Nyakanoni Parish, Masha Sub County.

Vian Ngoga, one of the affected farmers says he has lost over 60 birds in a period of two days and was expecting to earn over five hundred thousand shillings from them.

He says the disease that is strange to them attacks the chicken and makes them weak, blind and within two days the bird dies.

//Cue in: “ekyaro kyoona ekiturimu… 

Cue out: …mushanju zoona ziwaho.”//

He says they have not seen any person coming to the area to assist them noting that they have tried all medicines and have failed.

//Cue in: “nyine okushasha kuhango… 

Cue out: …omuntu outwabugaine omu.”//

Julius Muhumuza Chairperson LC 1 Rwembogo village says at least they have lost over two hundred hens in a period of one week.

He says when they contacted the veterinary officer at the sub county who told that they are aware of the problem and advised them to us OXY 10% but it never helped.

//Cue in: “kikatandira aha omu… 

Cue out: …nana emibazi eyabutusha.”//

Deogratious Katete, says they not received any help from the leaders and this has demoralized most farmers who have lost birds.

Amos Atukwase, District Councilor Masha Sub county says the disease that is not known to them has scared most farmers and it presents signs of shivering in chicken.

He says the disease has scared farmers out of poultry business and urgently wants government to come to the farmers’ rescue.

Emmanuel Kiiza Wilber, Masha Sub County Veterinary Officer says they suspect the disease to be Micro plasma.

He says they noticed the disease when it was more acute and advised the farmers to remove the whole stock of birds and restock after some time.

//Cue in: “I suspected micro…. 

Cue out: …yoona orestocking busya.”//