Suspected Rapist in Gulu Killed

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A UPDF deserter, who had been terrorizing residents of Coo Pe return site in Gulu district, has been shot and killed.
Private Patrick Olok attached to 403 Brigade in Moroto district, was shot and killed last night by security personnel patrolling the area.
Local authorities in Bungatira Sub-County, say Private Olok had been threatening women and young girls with death before raping them. He is also accused of looting foodstuffs and extorting money forcefully from the civilians.
Until his death, private Olok is reported to have raped six women who he found in their gardens. The rape victims did not report the matter to local authorities or security personnel for fear of stigmatization and attack by Olok.
Olok's terror came into the limelight when he laid an ambush on a vehicle transporting businessmen to Patiko Sub County last Tuesday. Luckily, no one was hurt in the ambush, but passengers claim to have lost a lot of money to him.
The 4th division Army Spokesperson, Captain Ronald Kakurung, said private Olok escaped with his gun, 2 magazines full of bullets and a military pouch from his brigade early this month.
A team of 15 well armed UPDF officers were dispatched to track him down with orders to either arrest him alive or shoot him dead.
His luck ran down at about 1:00am when he entered an ambush of the UPDF officers laid in wait of him. He tried to resist being arrest and opened fire at the officers who shot and killed him in defence.
According to Kakurungu, private Olok was already being hunted down for illegally deserting the force. He said before Olok has been lending his gun to a gang of robbers. He cautioned other soldiers against deserting the force saying it is highly criminal and punishable by hanging.
His death follows that of Private Otto Richard Ayita who deserted the force from a deployment at Loyo Boo in Paicho Sub County last Month. Ayita also terrorized civilians only to be found dead and rotting in the bush without knowing what caused his deaths.