Suspected Turkana Rustlers Steal Cattle in Napak

Paul Loruu Nabolikoko, the LCIII Chairperson of Panyangara Sub County said the UPDF followed the warriors recovering only 176 heads of cattle, just a fraction of the 22 herds

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Suspected Turkana and Matheniko cattle rustlers on Sunday night stole 22 herds of cattle in Napak District.

The number of livestock stolen has not been established by the authorities, but local leaders believe this is the largest number of cattle to be stolen on a single day in recent years.

According to the Paul Loruu Nabolikoko, the LCIII Chairperson of Panyangara Sub County, the armed group attacked the kraals last night at Lokopo grazing fields in Napak district where the cattle were moved to graze by the herdsmen from Kotido district.

He said the UPDF followed the warriors and managed to recover only 176 cows, just a fraction of the 22 herds. Nabolikoko fears more raids could follow and undermine the peace in the region.

//Cue in All those cows ...

Cue out: ... the rest have gone.”//

The UPDF 3rd Division Commander, Maj. Peter Mugisa said the UPDF is tracing for the rustlers. He says that the recovered cows are in the custody of the UPDF and will be handed over to the owners.

In recent months, incidents of cattle raids have been reported notably in Kaabong, Kotido and other parts of Karamoja.

The UPDF has beefed up security and vigilance in the region, but the rustlers still exploit the lapses to strike occasionally, killing and abducting innocent people.

Last week, suspected warriors abducted three women in Nakapelimoru, Kotido district.

The north-eastern region has suffered a series of cattle raids with several people killed and thousands of cattle lost.

Last year in September President Yoweri Museveni and his Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta witnessed the signing of the Cross-Border Sustainable Peace and Development deal in Moroto.

It seeks to end hostilities among three neighbouring communities — the Karimojong of Uganda and Turkana and Pokot in Kenya — and enhance development in the region by promoting non-violent interactions and collaborations.

However, the cross-border cattle raids in Karamoja are threatening to tear apart the memorandum of understanding.