Tablighs Seek Audience With Museveni Over Jailed Clerics

Ayub Nyende, the Secretary General, Jamat Salaifya says all they want is justice for the suspects.
10 Jan 2016 14:54
Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the jailed head of Jamaat Salaifya

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Tabligh Muslims have pitched camp at Kololo Airstrip to seek audience with President Yoweri Museveni over the continued detention of their leaders. Sheikh Yahaya Ramadhan Mwanje, the acting head of Jamat Salaifya told URN that they want to meet Museveni to express their concern about the continued incarceration of their members without trial.

A number of Muslim leaders under Jamat Salaifya including their head Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga are on remand in Luzira Prison accused of masterminding the shooting of Shia Muslim cleric Doctor Abdul Qadir Muwaya and Mustafa Bahiga, the former Kampala District Amir amongst others.

However, since their arrest in January last year, suspects are yet to go on trial, which has raised concern amongst Muslims. Ayub Nyende, the Secretary General, Jamat Salaifya says all they want is justice for the suspects. 

According to Nyende, they decided to storm Kololo Airstrip after attempting to meet the president and express their dissatisfaction about the justice system in the country. Nyende says they don\'t believe that their colleagues had a hand in the crimes they are accused to have committed.

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According to Nyende, they want justice for the suspects.

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Asked on what they want the president to do for them, Nyende said they want the president to direct court to do its work. He said at one time they were told there was no money and volunteered to contribute money for the court to sit.

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By the time of filing this story, Museveni was yet to arrive at Kololo Airstrip where he is expected to meet various groups of people. Our reporter couldn\'t establish whether or not the president will meet the Muslims. 

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