Tasco Industries Casual Labourers Strike over Poor Working Conditions

The workers also accuse their bosses of failing to treat injured workers and using vulgar language.
Police deployed outside Tasco oil gate.

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More than 1,500 casual workers of Tasco Oil Industries in Jinja City on Monday laid down their tools protesting against the poor working conditions.

According to the workers, they lack protective gears which exposes them to accidents and pollution. The industry manufactures cooking oil, polythene bags and soap.

The workers also accuse their bosses of failing to treat injured victims and using vulgar language.

Although they entered the company premises, the casual labourers refused to attend to their daily duties demanding an apology from their superiors whom they accused of undermining their dignity.

David Waako, a casual labourer says that he was assaulted by his bosses on Sunday and later arrested and detained at Walukuba police station instead of taking him for treatment.

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Musa Mayambala, a boiler operator says that he sustained injuries in April while operating a machine, but he has never been compensated.

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Alex Mutiibwa, another casual labourer says that he has worked for close to four years without any promotion contrary to his appointment letter.  Mutiibwa adds that their employers keep on increasing the amount of taxes deducted from them every week without informing them.

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Hasifah Naigula, another casual labourer says that their bosses have failed to cater for the well-being of the injured workers and instead send them on unpaid leave without compensation. 

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The factory managers declined to comment about the matter however, the Kiira region police spokesperson, Abbey Ngako told journalists that, a closed-door meeting was held between the factory’s managers and representatives of casual labourers to find a solution to the standoff.    

Anti-riot police were deployed at the factory premises in anticipation of a violent strike.

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