Three Injured in Wakiso Robbery Attack

Three people have been hospitalized after being hacked by robbers in the Saturday early morning attack at Bulenga-Kikaaya in Wakiso District.
A group of residents and a police man gathered at one of the homes attacked at Bulenga in Wakiso District

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Three people have been hospitalized after they were hacked as robbers attacked four homes and a bar at Bulenga-Kikaaya Village in Wakiso District.  

The injured who are nursing wounds were found drinking at a bar; Happy Times Motel on Saturday morning.

The men reportedly armed with machetes, iron bars and sticks also destroyed glass doors and windows of homes when the people made alarm to call for help. 

Residents say that the attackers asked them to open or face it rough and that upon failure to access the houses, they resorted to destruction of glasses. 

Andrew Ssemombwe, one of the victims of the attack said that it was about 2am when the attackers knocked at his door and that when they failed to enter, they broke the glasses in the windows and doors. He also told the Police that the attackers used violent acts to instill fear among the residents to the extent that not many would like to speak about the incident


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Dennis Ssekyole, a manager at the bar said that the attackers came as customers but instead embarked on hacking one of the workers until people made alarm.  He identified the injured worker at the bar as Jackie Amooti who is now in the hospital. 

A section of residents also blamed the attack on the weak law enforcement efforts and some of the leaders in the area who collude with the suspects. As a result, the residents say that every month, the robbers attack the village and inflict injury on some people in addition to stealing their property.  

A resident who declined to be named for fear of revenge said that the leaders have turned the matter into politics where by some suspects are protected by the leaders which hinders law enforcement.   


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Following the attack, Kampala North region Police chiefs led by Regional Police Commander - RPC Peter Nkulega and Wakiso District police commander Tai Ramathan inspected the area and held a meeting in which they asked the residents to be vigilant.  

Nkulega asked the residents to provide any information leading to arrest of the suspects to enable them effectively investigate the matter.  He asked the residents to always ensure that their houses are properly locked.


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Nkulega also asked the Local council leaders to establish village defense committees to work with the police to fight crime in the area.

Wakiso Sub County chairperson Felix Mwanje Ssemuju described the attack as unfortunate saying that it is partly blamed on divisions among the area leaders which makes it difficult to ensure security and safety of the people.  

According to Ssemuju, there is a group of youth who move with a section of leaders and stage roadblocks where they steal handbags from women. He asked the residents to provide information leading to arrest of the suspects.