Three Waragi Dealers Arrested in Kotido

In 2017, Kotido District Council banned the sale of waragi in the district.
Policemen emptying Jericans full of waragi recently in Moroto.

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Three waragi dealers in Kotido District have been arrested for illegally selling and manufacturing local gin in town. 

In two separate operations this week, the police impounded 33 jerry cans 660 litres of liquor from Nakaplimoru and Napumpum where it was being sold to the public against the 1966 Engulu Act.

The suspects are Nickson Okello, a resident of Lira district and two others whose identities were withheld, all residents of Napumpum Trading Centre.

The DPC Kotido, Apollo Kyangungu says they have all the necessary laws and bylaws to enforce against people dealing in the unlawful sale of local gin.

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The 1966 Enguli Act prohibits manufacturing, sale of local gin. 

In 2017 Kotido District Council banned the sale of waragi in the district. In the council resolution, any waragi found on sale in the district should be impounded and confiscated immediately. 

Council also directed police to arrest anyone found selling, transporting or distributing waragi in the district. Anyone found with a 20- litre jerry can of waragi is fined 50, 000 shillings each jerry can and the gin would be confiscated.

However, despite the bylaw, crude waragi consumption is on the rise.

Police say it’s difficult to enforce the law because the suppliers are protected by the local leaders.