Thugs Rob Shs 900 Million From Fort Portal SACCO

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Armed thugs today morning raided Nyabukara Women's Savings and Credit Cooperative in Fort Portal and robbed Shs 900 million from member's savings.
Faith Natugonza, the manager Nyabukara SACCO says the thugs broke into their premises at Mpanga at 6am after placing the security guard at gun point.
Natungoza believes the robbery was facilitated by some staff of the SACCO because the thugs knew where the keys to the safe were kept.
She says the robbery is a big loss to members who had saved their money with the SACCO. She says the group had set up a piggery and poultry project using the savings.
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Members of the SACCO flocked to the offices on hearing about the robbery and convened an emergency meeting to discuss their fate.
Rehema Kabasweka, one of the members of the SACCO says she is not sure if her poultry project will continue since the source of funding for the project is now cut off.
The treasurer Nyabukara SACCO, Gladys Winyi says part of the money robbed was given to them by the government owned Micro Finance Support Centre.
Winyi says that the offices of Nyabukara SACCO will remain closed until the police have carried out investigations into the robbery. The Western regional police spokesman Eddy Matte has confirmed the robbery but no suspect has been arrested.