Tight Security in Hima LCIII NRM PollS

The LC1 Jimmy Baluku, the Banyangera cell says bearing in mind of the post-election violence in 2016 that started off from the area, there was expected high deployment of the forces.
Security is heightened in Hima town council, Kasese District as the NRM party primaries for LCIII Chairpersons are on-going.

The hotly contested race is between the incumbent John Katura Musana and Tom Maate Wabukombi. On Monday, one of the candidates John Businge Mugenyi withdrew from the race citing intimidation of his voters and violence.

Security personnel who include the police and UPDF have been deployed at all the 16 polling stations and in different parts of the town council.

 In 2016, seven people were killed during the LCIII elections in Hima Town council.

Uganda People Defense Forces were backing Police to secure the area after the declaration of results.  The elections were won by Katura who defeated Wabukombi.

Katura obtained 2,147 votes against Wabukombi's 1,833 votes. However, Wabukombi's supporters and opponents said the vote was rigged in favour of the NRM candidate.

A group of about twenty supporters of Wabukombi armed with Pangas, Knives and spears attempted to attack a UPDF patrol vehicle in Kikonzo cell. 

UPDF fired gunshots to deter the group from taking control of the vehicle and the weapons in their possession.

The Hima Division Police Commander Gideon Busheija warned both candidates against ferrying their supporters to vote.

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