Traffic Police Intensify Operations in Albertine region

The police spokesperson for the Albertine region, Julis Allan Hakiza, in an interview with URN, explains that police would arrest drivers and cyclists who will be found in violation of stipulated traffic regulations.

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As the Christmas mood gains momentum, police in the Albertine have warned motorists against reckless behaviors that normally claim lives and leaving others nursing injuries. 

The Albertine region has four major traffic Highways including, the Hoima-Fort portal, Hoima-Kampala, Hoima-Butiaba -Wanseko and the Kiryandongo –Kigumba-Kampala.   

Julius Allan Hakiza, the police spokesperson for the Albertine region in an interview with URN on Saturday, explains that police will arrest drivers and cyclists who will be found in violation of the stipulated traffic regulations.   

Hakiza says traffic police operations on highways will be on the alert in order to apprehend drivers who drive badly but also impound all vehicles in poor state.

According to Hakiza, their operations target motorists without driving permits, third party, those driving under the influence of alcohol, overloading and over speeding and those who will be found using vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition.

He challenged drivers to observe maximum discipline in order to have an accident free festive season.

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