Transporters Stranded As Police Battles Besigye Supporters in Jinja

The Nile Bridge was blocked for close to four hours, with big vehicles parked on one lane as police conducted operations.
Trucks parked in one lane.

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Transporters in Jinja were on Wednesday left stranded as police battled supporters of former Forum for Democratic Change-FDC President Kiiza Besigye. 

The Jinja Nile Bridge was blocked for close to four hours, with vehicles which included trucks, taxis parked on one lane as police conducted operations.

Besigye’s supporters pitched camp at the pedestrian walkways of the bridge, chanting his name with praises as police attempted to tow his vehicle off the bridge.

Eriya Mukasa, a truck driver who was ferrying soap to Namutumba district says that he has been delayed at the bridge for four hours, affecting his sales.

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Samuel Kintu, another truck driver says that police should develop modern mechanisms of handling protests to avoid inconveniencing other road users. 

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Ismael Mohammed says that the traffic delays have cost him extra costs in terms of upkeep. He says that he will not compensate the hours he lost at the bridge.

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Earlier in the day, police arrested Besigye and Busoga One radio political talk show host Aga Isabirye.

Besigye was set to appear for the radio’s mid-morning political show from 10:00am to 12:00, however, military police unit surrounded his vehicle ordering him to move out.

They also stormed the radio station and arrested Isabirye who was accused of inciting violence.

Besigye’s aides Noordin Basalirwa and Ronald Muhinda were also arrested and detained at Nalufenya Police Station.            

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