Truck Rams Into House, Injures Children

Kagiri Batulumayo was left homeless after a vehicle number UAN 256x a type of Elf when it rammed into his house in kizungu zome in Njeru division In Buikwe district.
a car inside Kagiri's house

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A vehicle on Wednesday rammed into a house in Njeru Division, Buikwe District injuring five children. 

The Isuzu Truck registration number UAN 256X rammed the house belonging to Kajubi Batulumayo, a resident of Kizungu zone in Njeru division.

According to eye witnesses, the vehicle which had developed mechanical problem failed to climb a hilly road in Kizungu. However the driver lost control and reversed, ramming in Kajubi's house.

The driver is on the run and the police are hunting for him.

Batulumayo's five children who were in the house at the time of the accident got minor injured and were taken to various clinics for treatment.

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Residents of Kizungu stopped the traffic police officers from towing away the car until the owner is identified.

Batulimayo, who was not at home at the time of the accident, wants the owner of the car to construct him another house.

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