Tsetse Flies Invade Apac District

Disease causing Tsetse flies, have invaded Chegere Sub -County in Apac district, raising fears about an impending outbreak of sleeping sickness in the area.

The Barodilo Cell local council chairman, Ogwal-Ocuc, says huge swarms of tsetse flies have been seen in bushy areas in Chegere sub-county. He says the flies could spread to the neighboring Ayer sub county, given that about half of Apac district is susceptible to tsetse flies.

Plans by the district entomology department to recruit and train some Local residents to trap the insects collapsed due to financial constraints. Now the residents are concerned that the Entomology department has not taken any action to contain the spread of the flies.

Tsetse is a blood-feeding fly of which is found commonly in Africa and can transmit a disease called, nagana, to cattle, and sleeping sickness to human beings, which untreated can result in death.