Tumukunde Supporters Resort to Door to Door Campaigns in Tooro

The over 30 members said their aim is to attract as much support for Tumukunde as possible by the time the country goes to polls in January next year.
The group said it will do everything possible to attract more support for Tumukunde.

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Supporters of the independent presidential candidate, Henry Tumukunde, on Friday launched a door-to-door campaign in Tooro Sub-region.

These have named themselves “Nyegondiize Group” which means a group that is doing its work out of love and not coercion. 


The over 30 members said they aim to attract as much support for Tumukunde as possible by the time the country goes to polls in January next year. 


During the launch of the group at Hilton Tours Hotel in Fort Portal Tourism City, the team leader and former member of National Resistance Movement – NRM, Yusuf Nkunda, said they are convinced that the former security minister is the only capable candidate who can lead the country.   

Nkunda said he had supported NRM for over 25 years but did not see anything much that himself or Tooro has gained from its rule, a reason he has crossed to Tumukunde’s camp.   

 //Cue in: “Ndozere obwiire oburukukira…  

Cue out… mwa Tumukunde.”//   

The team, which is mostly comprised of youths, started the day by traversing Fort Portal City and pinning Tumukunde’s posters. 

Nkunda said they will be moving to other districts in Tooro and supplying campaign materials like T-shirts, posters, stickers and reflector jackets of their candidate.

Also, each one of the members has been tasked to recruit at least 10 other supporters in each district of the Sub-region to ease their job of reaching a good number of households in their search for votes.   

Ali Muganda, one of the members in Nyegonziize group, said he crossed from Forum for Democratic Change – FDC party, because he wants a change in the leadership of the country and Tumukunde appealed to him.  

 //Cue in: “Oli omusaija akuzire… 

 Cue out… Tumukunde oyee.”//   

Mary Kiiza also said she has crossed from National Unity Platform – NUP to Tumukunde because she believes he has a better plan for the country. 

During his campaign rallies in Tooro Sub-region last month, Tumukunde rallied the residents of the area to vote for change.

Even though police disrupted most of his rallies by dispersing his supporters and blocked him from campaigning in Ntoroko district, he was able to launch his manifesto at Boma grounds in Fort Portal.  

He, among other things, promised to improve on the road network, empower women financially, promote tourism and agriculture in the area, and improve on the health care system.